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Enduring Bond
Enduring Bond
Enduring Bond
Enduring Bond
Enduring Bond
Enduring Bond
Enduring Bond

Enduring Bond

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The Enduring Bond bracelets are made using 14K Gold-Filled metal so that they will last for many years. 

Using special technology we weld your bracelet together while it is on your wrist.

Each chain is measured to fit your body, so you have a comfortable fit.

The bracelet is so light and minimal, that you will hardly notice it's on your wrist. 

Your piece will have no clasp and should require no maintenance.

We recommend 14K gold for bonded jewelry, but 14K gold-filled jewelry will last for many years with everyday wear. It is a great cost alternative for someone wanting the look and the experience without the high price tag. 


How it works:

1. Choose your enduring chain style. 

2. Check out, select local pick-up, and leave a good contact phone number.

3. Someone will text you to set up an appointment time. (15-minute procedure)

4. Come to our studio during your allotted time and experience the bonding process



Getting a permanent bracelet is an experience!

Make an appointment with your Mama and leave with a memory that will last forever.

Get matching friendship bracelets with your best friend.

Grab a group of ladies and enjoy champagne & charcuterie while adding permanent sparkle to your wrist.


*Must be 12 years old or older

*If under the age of 16, you must be accompanied by your guardian.

*Forever bracelets can also be made in 114K rose gold filled. Contact for inquiries.

*Beads and bracelet add ons will be available based on in-store inventory, for an additional charge 

*If you are wanting to book a party with a group of women, simply select the number of bracelets you are needing and check out. Parties are welcome to bring snacks and drinks, shop, and enjoy our collective space while you wait. 



-What if it breaks?

As long as you keep the chain, your bracelet can be welded back together free of charge.

-What about airports?

All precious metals can be worn through TSA checkpoints. You will not need to remove your bracelet.

What if it breaks and I lose it?

A new bracelet must be purchased. 

What if I get it done and then I don't like the way it feels?

We do not offer refunds. Make an appointment to come back in and we can try re-sizing it, or I can remove it and you can add a clasp for an additional cost. 

What about emergencies or MRIs? 

Your bracelet can be cut off at the connector with a good pair of kitchen scissors. Keep the chain and come back in to get it re-welded free of charge.