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Bonded Party
Bonded Party
Bonded Party
Bonded Party
Bonded Party
Bonded Party
Bonded Party
Bonded Party
Bonded Party
Bonded Party
Bonded Party
Bonded Party
Bonded Party

Bonded Party

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Bonding is the most fun in party form!

A party consists of 4 or more people and happens after business hours in our collective studio. Parties will last 1.5-3 hours depending on the number of people in your group. Expect 20 minutes per person.

This $100 fee is your deposit for the party. The deposit will act as a credit towards the payee's bonded bracelet or anklet. If there is a remaining balance it can be issued via cash or store credit. 

Each party guest will choose a metal type and style for their anklet and bracelet and pay separately. 

One bottle of champagne is provided per 4 people. For guests under 21, sparkling water will be provided. 

Using special technology we weld your anklet and bracelet together while it is on your ankle.

Each chain is measured to fit your body, so you have a comfortable fit.

The bracelet/anklet is so light and minimal that you will hardly notice it's on your ankle. 

Your piece will have no clasp and should require little maintenance.

Because of the nature of anklets, your anklet is more likely to break and fall off than a bracelet would be. Because of this, anklets are only offered in less precious metals like gold filled and sterling silver. 

Each anklet and bracelet comes with a lifetime re-weld. This means that if it falls off of you or you need to cut it off, it can be re-welded free charge as long as you keep the initial chain.

Each anklet also comes with a 3-month guarantee, this means that if the anklet comes off and is lost within three months of the time it's welded on, it will be replaced free of charge.  This guarantee will keep you in your favorite anklet all season long! 


How it works:

1. Select a date that works for you, write any information that I need to know in the custom box (# of guests, over/under 21, non-drinkers, etc), & pay the deposit. 

2. Tell your friends to save the date

3. Arrive at your selected date/time. Bring food and drinks and come to our collective space to hang out and get bonded! 

Getting a permanent anklet is an experience!

Make an appointment with your Mama and leave with a memory that will last forever.

Get matching friendship anklets with your best friend.

Grab a group of ladies and enjoy champagne while adding permanent sparkle to your ankle.


*Must be 12 years old or older

*If under the age of 16, you must be accompanied by your guardian.


-What if it breaks?

As long as you keep the chain, your anklet can be welded back together free of charge. Your anklet will also be replaced free of charge within a 3-month period of the initial weld. 

-What about airports?

All precious metals can be worn through TSA checkpoints. You will not need to remove your anklet.

What if it breaks and I lose it outside of my 3-month guarantee?

A new anklet must be purchased. 

What if I get it done and then I don't like the way it feels?

We do not offer refunds. Make an appointment to come back in and we can try re-sizing it, or I can remove it and you can add a clasp for an additional cost. 

What about emergencies or MRIs? 

Your anklet can be cut off at the connector with a good pair of kitchen scissors. Keep the chain and come back in to get it re-welded free of charge.